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The Creative Economy

The Creative Economy is rapidly growing all around the World. It is widely recognised as a significant sector contributing to national GDP, encouraging continuous innovation and knowledge transfers across all sectors of the economy.

Creative Industries role in job creation, income generation and export earnings led governments worldwide to expand and develop creative economy as part of the nation’s economic diversification strategies. The well-being of the Creative Economy is greatly defined by the Creative Ecosystem.

The Creative Ecosystem is made of a network of creative industry players, interconnected to maintain a balance through natural orders of co-creation and coopetition. At the pace of technology advancements, there are growing concerns in the discrepancies in skill, education structure, employment standards, and creative-related policies of the ecosystem.

For the future of our Creative Economy, there is a calling for all Creatives to come together to ‘connect the dots’.

Who We Are

CCC is an established platform that connects like-minded creative Users and Businesses in the World. Our network comprises creative individuals from various businesses, organisations, and educational institutions who actively strive to hone their talents, improve the creative industry standard and seek to contribute back to their nation’s creative ecosystem.

With the guidance and support of CCC Elites across the globe, we strive to build a community of creatives who are always ready to create, connect, and coach in the creative economy.


The Vibrant Platform that connects creative Users and Businesses in the World

  • Growing the Global Creative Economy.

  • Building the Ecosystem by connecting Education, Talents and Industry.

  • Discovering talents and mentoring them to meet upcoming Industry requirements.

  • Assisting Creative-Pro organizations and individuals increase incomes by exporting their services.

  • Organizing the most impactful & largest Creative Conference in South East Asia that will gather the best people and companies, ultimately redefining creativity to grow the creative economy.

CCC Elite
Sinan Ismail
Digital Durian - CEO
Yeoh Chen Chow
Andy Sitt
Inmagine Group - Founder & Chairman
Cheng-Fei Wong
Lemon Sky - CEO
Tan Kien Eng
Leo Burnett - CEO
Prof. Datuk Ts Dr Ahmad Rafi Mohamed Eshaq
Multimedia University - President & CEO
Usamah Zaid Yasin
WAU Animation - Founder & Executive Director
Bert Monroy
Inductee Photoshop Hall of Fame 2004, Artist / Author / Instructor, USA
John Dickinson
Motion Designer / 3D artist from Motionworks, Australia

CCC Elite members are well-known, successful entrepreneurs and professionals representing various industries that has demonstrated remarkable passion to raise the standard of the Creative Industry. They’re passionate to empower and contribute to the People and Nation, to inspire and encourage infinite possibilities of creativity through their experience and expertise. Their role in CCC is to provide industrial guidance and support to upcoming talents and new leaders of the Creative Economy.

Make yourself visible in the global creative community through CCC


  • Be part of a Worldwide creative community
  • Gain visibility as a talent in the creative industry
  • Opportunity to meet and collaborate with dynamic network of creatives across the Globe


  • Have your voice heard through exclusive sessions with Leaders of the Creative Industry
  • Special access to Worldwide events and practical workshops
  • Eligibility to attend our members-only events
  • Be the first to know of the latest Creative Industry updates, insights and trends
  • Stay creatively engaged through CCC curated events, activities and programmes
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