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The Creative Economy
The Creative Economy is rapidly growing all around the World. It is widely recognised as a significant sector contributing to national GDP, encouraging continuous innovation and knowledge transfers across all sectors of the economy.

Creative Industries role in job creation, income generation and export earnings led governments worldwide to expand and develop creative economy as part of the nation’s economic diversification strategies. The well-being of the Creative Economy is greatly defined by the Creative Ecosystem.
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Creative Cloud Community

An established platform to connect Creative Users and Businesses to Share, Serve, Learn, Grow and build up the ecosystem.

Build Your Creative Presence

Make yourself visible in the global creative community through CCC, an international creative platform.

Be Part of the Bigger Picture

Opportunities to contribute your talents to the Creative Economy and collaborate with like-minded Users and Businesses worldwide

Connecting Creatives across Borders

Today’s generation of interconnectivity and interdependence encourages us to dream bigger. Lets unite all Creatives in the World through CCC.

Surround yourself with People Who Inspire

New ideas, new perspectives, new inspirations are at your fingertips with CCC, a community platform created for your creative needs.

Collaborate with Like-Minded Peers

You don’t have to do it alone. Look for a team for your new creative project with CCC.

Creative Cloud Community

the Global
Creative Economy.
Regional Events and Activities

CCC actively hosts events and activities for members and regional creative collaborations throughout the year, from conferences, to creative forums, to workshops, to panel sessions.

Annual Flagship Event

SEA CONNECT: The Creative Conference is one of the largest Creative Conference in South East Asia that gathers the best experts and talents across the globe in an experience to connect with one another, generate new ideas from various perspectives and build a strong creative community.

CCC Online Platform

It is a comprehensive creative channel for Users to share their artwork and projects to like-minded individuals and interested businesses. It’s made to enhance the credibility of the Talents and allow engagement between Talent and Businesses in job opportunities.

Make yourself visible in the global creative community through CCC


  • Be part of a Worldwide creative community
  • Gain visibility as a talent in the creative industry
  • Opportunity to meet and collaborate with dynamic network of creatives across the Globe


  • Have your voice heard through exclusive sessions with Leaders of the Creative Industry
  • Special access to Worldwide events and practical workshops
  • Eligibility to attend our members-only events
  • Be the first to know of the latest Creative Industry updates, insights and trends
  • Stay creatively engaged through CCC curated events, activities and programmes
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